Animal Treatment Policy for all animals at SugArena

The Acadiana Fairgrounds Commission places great importance on the proper treatment of animals by their owners, especially in a competitive setting such as the events that take place in the SugArena.  This includes the care animals even while off the premises. The Commission has enacted the following rules regarding the treatment of animals while on the premises of the SugArena.  We ask that all who bring animals onto the premises to follow these rules.

All animals should be inspected and evaluated for illness, weight, eyesight and injury prior to arriving at the arena, and no animals that are sore, lame, sick or injured are allowed to participate in any event at the SugArena facility.

At the sole discretion of the AFC personnel, any animal that appears to be injured or ill may be removed from participation in any event or exhibit. Any animal found lame or posing a health hazard to themselves, other animals or people may be ordered off the premises. The owner of any animal that becomes excessively excited, lays down in the chute repeatedly, or tries repeatedly to jump out of the chute, or in any way appears to be in danger of injuring itself or any other person or animal, may be required to remove the animal from the premises immediately.

A negative EIA (Coggins) test is required for all equine and is to be available on request.

Neither stimulants nor hypnotics may be given to any animal to improve performance of any animal.

Any person caught using unnecessary roughness or mistreating an animal, may, at the sole discretion of the AFC personnel, be immediately expelled from the premises. This holds true whether it is in the competitive arena or elsewhere on the grounds. Should a riding event animal show evidence of injury inflicted by the contestant in the competition arena, that contestant will be expelled from the arena property.
Stalls are modular and are not securely fastened to the floor, therefore do not tie horses or otherwise attach other items, such as hammocks, to any part of any stall.

Keep horse stalls sufficiently bedded to ensure or prevent animal waste runoff.

Be courteous to others and practice arena etiquette. Always look behind before turning, passing, stopping, etc., and leave at least a horse length between horses while passing or following the horse in front of you. Ride your horse with control. No excessive speed allowed except as required by participation in an event.