Acadiana Fairgrounds Commission

The Acadiana Fairgrounds Commission is a public entity established by the Iberia Parish Council.  It is included as part of the Iberia Parish Government structure and is charged with overseeing the day to day operation of the fairgrounds, including the SugArena.

The Commission has nine members that serve on its Board of Commissioners.  Threee more members will be appointed shortly.   Currently, they are:

  • Michael Lopresto, chairperson
  • Pat Carlyn, vice chairperson
  • Donald Segura
  • Allison Estes
  • Chad Broussard
  • Alice Faul
  • Chris Ditch
  • Jonathon Piel


The Commission also has one ex-officio member of the board from the Iberia Parish 4H Department, currently, Blair Hebert.

The Commission meets once per month at its regular meeting.  The public is invited to attend and is given the opportunity to ask questions and provide input.

Our Arena Manager is Lori LeBlanc.