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Protecting public health and safety will drive the Acadian Fairgrounds response to COVID-19.   The SugArena staff has taken precautions to provide participants and spectators the opportunity to use and enjoy the facility.   Safe procedures and decisions will be informed by State and Federal guidance for keeping the Sugarena facility open.


As the guidelines pertain to the SugArena,  the AFC continues to sanitize the bathrooms and all areas that are touched by those using the arena. Depending on the situation, there are areas of the SugArena that will be off limits under the Federal and State guidelines.   Most importantly, the the use of the bleachers may be restricted in all or part.  While spectators will be allowed to view the events, they may not be allowed to sit or congregate in the bleachers.  Further, the number of spectators maybe limited to 25% of the capacity of the facility.  


Spectators may bring their own chairs and place them in any comfortable area they wish, but the wearing of masks is recommended, and social distancing is required.  Spectators should remain 6 feet apart unless they are family members residing in the same household.  Groups of people of more than 10 will not be allowed.  We have plenty of space, so this should not be problem.


Participants and organizers should also follow social distancing.   Considering the type of events we anticipate taking place, this, also, should not be a problem.


The bathrooms will be opened and sanitized before and after all events.  Please take special care not to congregate in the bathrooms. 


The concession stand will be open during events.  The Commission has contracted with a provider to supply concessions.  The company has completely cleaned and sanitized the concession area where food is stored and cooked.   It will continue sanitizing the area and making sure the necessary precautions are in place to provide those services.   Even so, the use of alcohol inside the arena will not be permitted.  Use outside the arena and inside and around one’s own campers and trailers will be permitted.  Please keep the premises clean and pick up your trash.


Ride night will be permitted, please message on the Sugarena Facebook page to make arrangements for use of the arena.   


The use of the announcer stand and audio equipment for events will be allowed.  Only the announcer will be permitted in the stand and the equipment will be sanitized before and after use.

Things continue to be in flux until the pandemic is under control.  Keep in touch with us on the Facebook page or the website for further information.


Acadiana Fairgrounds Commission

What We Offer

The SugArena at Acadiana Fairgrounds is a multi-purpose facility designed to host a wide range of events with a special emphasis on horse shows, livestock shows, rodeos, concerts, fairs, festivals, trade shows, motorcycle events, RV rallies, extreme sports, company parties and a host of social activities. We are committed to enhancing tourism and promoting Iberia Parish as the premiere parish to visit with a special emphasis on the youth of Iberia Parish and all surrounding parishes
Provide a first class cost effective venue for a broad spectrum of community events. Showcase and promote Acadian’s AG and livestock culture, industry and commerce. Support visitor tourism. Provide a safe and cost effective venue for everyone with an emphasis on youth. Provide outstanding customer service and operate in a financially responsible manner.

The Sugarena

Arena Info

  • 175,800 square feet under roof
  • Arena 260 x 130 feet fenced arena
  • 120×300 Covered warm up area

Available amenities

  • Multiple Wash racks
  • 150+ stalls
  • 5 acres of parking
  • On-site Concession Stand
  • 45 R.V Hook ups (30-50 amp)


  • Horse Shows
  • Rodeos
  • Cattle Shows
  • Festivals
  • Motor Cross Derbies
  • Circus
  • Music Festivals
  • 4-H Events
  • And more

Notice regarding Coggins tests


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own food and beverages to the arena?

The SugArena has a concession stand with food and beverages available, including alcoholic beverages at most events.  The Acadiana Fairgrounds Commission uses the proceeds on concessions to help operate the facility.  This additional income helps keep the costs to users down.  Only if the concession stand is not open or with special permission are you allowed to bring in your own food and beverages.

How do I rent the SugArena for an event?

The SugArena is available for hourly rental to daily rental at various rates.  Please contact the SugArena office for more information as to rates and available dates.  Additionally, there are camper/trailer spots with electrical hookup available for a nominal fee per day.

Can I rent stalls for an upcoming event?

Yes. We do rent our stalls on a daily basis for a nominal fee.  The daily rental comes with a bag of shavings . Please contact our office if you would like to reserve a stall.

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